Cellular Shades

Cellular Shades have a light-as-air appearance that gently filters light. They may look delicate but they save energy by trapping air in their hexagon-shaped cells. Delmarva Honeycomb Shades softly filters sunlight while providing privacy. Brighten any room with their colorful fabrics. Cellular Shades come in a multitude of opacities including Transparent, Light Filtering, and Room Darkening fabrics.  If you want lots of natural light, choose a transparent fabric in Sheer or Semi Sheer.  If you want total privacy and light blocking, choose a Room Darkening fabric.

Cellular shades or Honeycomb are a fantastic option for those who want privacy, light control, energy efficiency, and a product that is easy to clean. They also have the ability to stack very small, which disappears, allowing for a great view with little obstruction.

Cellular shades diffuse light, provide privacy and help retain or reduce heat, making them a functional window treatment that also provides a clean style. These shades can cover standard windows, sliding glass doors, skylights, arches, and more.

Made from two or more layers of fabric woven together to create three-dimensional “honeycomb” cells that extend when open and stack when closed, cellular shades have a crisp look that diffuses light and provides excellent privacy. Due to their design, cellular shades reduce heat loss in the winter and heat gain in the summer, and many styles come with cordless controls so you don’t have to worry about hanging cords being a danger for small children or pets.

Roller Shades

Roller Shades are versatile enough for formal living rooms to casual play areas. Also known as Solar Shades, they provide streamlined coverage if you layer them with draperies or accessorize them with a decorative hem or valance. Delmarva offers fabrics that are Eco-friendly, room darkening, or solar screening.

Roller shades have been around for a long time and its simple design has made it one of the most popular coverings on the market today. The old standard Roller Shade, made with the wooden spring roller that was only available with vinyl fabric, now has fabric and control choices that seem endless. The choice can be narrowed down to your needs quickly, with a simple evaluation of your window size and light control needs.

Roman Shades

Roman Shades instantly elevate a room’s sense of style. A cascade of fabric adds visual warmth while gently diffusing lights. Mix and match colors and prints with existing furnishings, and choose fabrics from Delmarva that range from sheer to opaque. Raise your Roman Shades and they transform into a lovely fabric valance.

Roman shades combine the beauty of a fabric treatment with the easy operation of a shade. Choose from a flat fold for a smooth, neat look or a looped for soft, cascading folds. The soft folds of fabric are available in numerous patterns, textures, and colors. Room darkening liners can be added to fully block out light. Consider the top-down/bottom-up option which allows the shade to be opened from the top, bottom, or both for a winning combination of both privacy and light control.

Woven Wood Shades

Woven Wood Shades add textural interest to any room. Bring a touch of the outdoors inside with these shades that can be dressed up or down; add edge binding for a more finished look. Tighter weaves provide increased privacy, light control, and energy efficiency.

Slumber Shades

Slumber Shades are the official window shades of the National Sleep Foundation. Designed with top and bottom seals to block out the light from entering the room, Slumber Shades are perfect for photo studios, dark rooms, theater rooms, and bedrooms.

Horizontal Sheers

Horizontal Sheer Shades diffuse light with a designer-inspired touch. Two layers of fabric encase lightweight fabric vanes for effortless light control. Simply roll the shade up or upgrade to a motorized remote control and watch it disappear behind the matching fabric valence.

Horizontal Sheers are versatile and beautiful, they combine the style and advantages of blinds and shades in one great design! These shades feature breathtaking sheer views, privacy, and outstanding light control options. When vanes are in the open position, the sun’s glare is gently diffused, when closed they provide complete privacy, raise the shade and it disappears into the color-coordinated contoured headrail. Offered in a wide variety of sophisticated colors and fabric options to meet all of your decorating needs of function and style.

Panel Tracks

The perfect alternative to vertical blinds for covering wide windows like sliding glass doors. Beautiful oversized fabric panels that are individually attached to a track which allows them to glide easily from side to side for a wide array of aesthetic configurations.