Window Top Treatments

We offer a variety of top treatments and accessories including Cornices, Side Panels, Swags and Jabots, Fabric by the Yard, and Custom Pillows.


Cornices, the most architectural of all valances are wooden boxes upholstered in fabric. In a straight linear style, it can be as tailored and simple as a soffit. Cornice bottom edges can be cut to any shape or complexity. Covered overlays can be applied to the face as design enhancements. Decorative cording or bands can be added to give the design pop. Naturally, as in any custom treatment, it can be made as elaborate as the style of the room dictates.

Side Panels

Side Panels, a basic form of window treatment are finished lengths of fabric that hang from a rod or other fixture at or above the top of the window and continue straight down, ending sometimes just below the window but more often at the floor. Panels add to the vertical lines of the room by creating height and elegance they also add warmth and scale to a room and can be used alone, with sheers, shades, and blinds. The fabric will determine if it’s traditional, transitional, or contemporary.

Swags & Jabots

Swags & Jabots, the practice of swagging fabric across the top of a window is nearly as old as windows themselves. The swag is often combined with a jabot, which is folded fabric that typically descends on both sides and is often cut on an angle and folded back to reveal the lining in a contrasting color. They add drama with full, lush softness. Swags and jabots complete a layered look when placed atop a panel. This treatment looks well with traditional and transitional styles.

Fabric by the Yard

Fabric by the yard, any of our Kasmir fabrics are available by the yard.

Custom Pillows

Custom Pillows, make great accent pieces in any room. We offer several styles of decorative pillows, all of which can be made using any of our Kasmir fabrics. Decorative pillows look great when different shapes, sizes, fabrics, and trims are combined. You are sure to get a one-of-a-kind custom pillow you will love!